Jacob Collier, dodie cover The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun”

The jazz wunderkind is readying the second ‘Djesse’ volume.

After releasing the first volume of his mammoth Djesse project in December, Jacob Collier is finally ready to unveil the second. In June, the jazz wunderkind will release the next installment, which will include a cover of The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” featuring fellow British artist dodie.

The duo’s rendition preserves the song’s gentle optimism, bursting with angelic vocal arrangements, string flourishes and little percussive touches. Its accompanying video is equally whimsical and light-hearted, featuring self-shot footage of Collier and dodie singing and playing all the instruments on the track.

Djesse is a collection of more than 40 songs that will be released in four volumes. The second volume, which Collier mostly recorded himself in his home studio and childhood bedroom in London, is due out June 28.


Watch the video of Collier and dodie’s Beatles cover here:

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