Irreversible Entanglements sprawl out on “Homeless/Global”

A 23-minute-long epic.

Free jazz group Irreversible Entanglements have released a new track, “Homeless/Global.”

The multi-city collective sprawl out over 23 lively, improvisational minutes on “Homeless/Global,” which was captured early on in the recording session for their new album. At the 7:30 mark, poet/emcee Camae Ayewa (who also releases music under the moniker Moor Mother) takes centerstage to deliver a poem on migration, exile and border violence.

Besides Ayewa, Irreversible Entanglements includes saxophonist Keir Neuringer, trumpeter Aquiles Navarro, bassist Luke Stewart and drummer Tcheser Holmes. “Homeless/Global” previews the group’s second full-length, due out spring 2020. It follows their self-titled debut album, released 2017.

Stream “Homeless/Global” here:



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