Irreversible Entanglements announce new album with “No Más”

    The accompanying video “explores the concept of Africans escaping planet Earth.”

    Irreversible Entanglements no mas
    Image: Bob Sweeney

    Free jazz collective Irreversible Entanglements have teased their new album Who Sent You? with the release of its lead single “No Más.”

    The quirky accompanying video, which was filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, follows two astronauts as they move through green fields while holding on to large hand-drums. “No mas, no more,” poet Camae Ayewa speaks on the track. “No longer will we allow them to divide and conquer, divide and oppress, define our humanity.”

    “The video explores the concept of Africans escaping planet Earth, on a path to liberation,” the band said in a press statement. “A story of migration told through collage, stock footage, and movement, all being driven by the sounds of free jazz and poetry.”

    “No Más” is one of five tracks on Irreversible Entanglements’ forthcoming Who Sent You? LP, which arrives March 20 via International Anthem/Don Giovanni. The record is the follow-up to their self-titled debut album, which dropped in 2017.

    Watch the video for “No Más” here: