Immanuel Wilkins steps out with “Warriors”

His debut album ‘Omega’ lands next month on Blue Note.

Immanuel Wilkins has released his debut single, “Warriors,” from his upcoming album Omega.

The nearly seven-minute-long track is “about friendships, family, your hood, and your community,” Wilkins said in a press statement. “It’s about us serving as warriors for whatever we believe in.”

“Warriors” is an energetic preview of Omega, on which Wilkins plays with pianist Micah Thomas, bassist Daryl Johns and drummer Kweku Sumbry. The record was produced by pianist and composer Jason Moran, who helped Wilkins up his professional profile by taking him on tour; the 22-year-old played in Moran’s In My Mind: Monk at Town Hall, 1959 performance series.

Wilkins also counts as a mentor fellow Blue Note artist Ambrose Akinmusire, whom he met after he moved to New York City in 2015 to attend The Juilliard School. Last month, Akinmusire released his sixth studio album, On the Tender Spot of Every Calloused Moment.


Omega is due out August 7 on Blue Note. Listen to “Warriors” here:


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