Huntertones’ “Hondo” is a jazzy Afro-fusion delight

Off the seven-piece outfit’s upcoming album, ‘Passport.’

Contemporary jazz and Afro-fusion collide on Huntertones’ new single, “Hondo.”

Inspired by a traditional Zimbabwean song of the same name, the four-minute-long masterpiece is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures. It effortlessly blends African percussions and the mbira (a wooden, piano-like musical instrument) over a silky jazz arrangement to create a delicate number that’ll transport you next to the Zambezi.

Hope Masike, the Harare-born singer whose soothing vocals you hear on the track, describes “Hondo” as a song about liberation. “It speaks about whatever struggles [Zimbabweans] go through internally,” she said in the Hondo short documentary. “It documents our history.”


“Hondo” is set to appear on Huntertones’ forthcoming LP, Passports, which arrives October 5. The album is produced by Madga Giannikou and will feature Snarky Puppy’s Justin Stanton and Keita Ogawa.

Listen to “Hondo” below:


Check out the Hondo mini-doc here:

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