Hear ‘Whoadie,’ the new album by members of the Telepathic Band

A new record by Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes and Matthew Putman.

Daniel Carter, Patrick Holmes and Matthew Putman—three members of the five-piece Telepathic Band—have released a new joint album, Whoadie.

The nine-track album is named for a New Orleans, Louisiana slang word that means ‘close friend.’ Carter, Holmes and Putman decided to record together after an informal rehearsal in 2018 with an out-of-tune piano produced intriguing results. The album cuts “Glue You,” “Seriousnesses Vertigo” and “Stain at Home” are culled from that session. The other tracks on Whoadie were laid down in 2019.

“Listen to this album if you are inspired by spontaneity, beauty, and adventure in music and driven by these things in life,” a press statement encourages.

If that sounds like you, stream Whoadie below:



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