Hear “Vaporbabe” by Seamus Blake

From his new album, ‘Guardians of the Heart Machine,’ out in March.

This year, tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake will release a new album, Guardians of the Heart Machine, on Whirlwind Recordings. Accompanying the album announcement is a new song, “Vaporbabe.”

The seven-minute track was partly inspired by a street band from Istanbul, and finds Blake in fine form with his three collaborators: pianist Tony Tixier, double bassist Florent Nisse and drummer Gautier Garrigue. Blake dubbed the trio the French Connection, after their origins in the French jazz scene.

Guardians of the Heart Machine features compositions Blake wrote and arranged specifically for the French Connection, having toured with them and gained a better understanding of their strengths. “My idea was to bridge what I consider elements of European and American styles, writing music I like to play, but also with a European sensibility, including classical harmony and certain types of groove,” he explained.


Hear “Vaporbabe” here:

Guardians of the Heart Machine is out March 15 on Whirlwind Recordings. Watch the album trailer below:


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