Hear the Hot 8 Brass Band cover George Benson

“Give Me the Night” appears on a forthcoming EP of covers.

Now here’s a song to brighten your day: It’s the Hot 8 Brass Band putting their own joyful, larger-than-life spin on a George Benson disco classic, “Give Me the Night.”

The six-minute rendition will appear on the Grammy-nominated New Orleans brass band’s forthcoming Take Cover EP, which will also include a previously released take on Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

Bandleader Bennie Pete explained that the decision to release a covers collection came out of the band’s expanded repertoire for longer, more extensive events. “With us starting to perform bigger events like four-hour second line New Orleans parades that were miles long, we needed more tunes to display,” he said. “So we started to perform those oldie-but-goodie tunes that were a favorite in our community.”


The Take Cover EP will be out February 22 on Tru Thoughts. Stream the Hot 8 Brass Band’s take on “Give Me the Night” below:

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