Hear “Slow Bones” by Tony Allen and the late Hugh Masekela

Another preview of their joint album, ‘Rejoice.’

Pioneering Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen has released “Slow Bones,” another collaboration with the revered South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela, who died in 2018. It will appear on their forthcoming joint album, Rejoice.

“Slow Bones” begins with resonant drumming by Allen, before Masekela’s authoritative trumpet melodies enter the picture. Masekela named the track, for reasons unknown to his collaborator. “I don’t know why this track is called ‘Slow Bones,’” Allen told OkayAfrica, which premiered the song last week. “Hugh came up with all the song titles while we were recording in 2010, and we’ve left them exactly as he wrote them down.”

“The track was recorded in the same way as the rest of the album,” Allen explained. “First I would lay down a drum beat. Then the bass was added, and then Hugh created a melody over the top. It’s amazing to think that it was ten years ago. But everything eventually appears at the right time, for a reason.”


Rejoice, which arrives March 20 via World Circuit Records, also features the song “We’ve Landed.” Other collaborators on the record include Tom Herbert, Joe Armon-Jones, Mutale Chashi and Steve Williamson.

Listen to “Slow Bones” below:

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