Hear Ross McHenry’s new single, “Complicated Us”

Another taste of his new album, ‘Nothing Remains Unchanged.’

Jazz bassist and composer Ross McHenry has shared “Complicated Us,” the second single from his forthcoming album Nothing Remains Unchanged.

The track opens with a groovy bass melody from the Australian musician that eventually builds into a dramatic array of saxophones and drum rolls. “I have a sense that this is an important recording for me,” he said in a statement on his Bandcamp page.

“It feels like the jumping-off point to a new body of work, where things I have been working on for some time have come together and now many new things seem possible,” McHenry added. “It’s like that when you work with amazing people, they open the door to new things that you didn’t know were there.”

“Complicated Us” is the second taste of Nothing Remains Unchanged, following “Forest Dance” from earlier in the month. The record arrives February 28 via First World Records.


Listen to “Complicated Us” below:


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