Hear Rick Simpson take on Radiohead’s “Everything in its Right Place”

From ‘Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited.’

Next month, pianist and composer Rick Simpson will release an album of rearranged tracks from Radiohead’s acclaimed 2000 album Kid A—and he’s released his take on “Everything in its Right Place.”

The album is titled Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited, and follows the Kid A tracklist except the closing track “Untitled,” which it leaves off.

It was recorded in January with Tori Freestone (tenor saxophone and violin), James Allsop (baritone saxophone), Dave Whitford (double bass) and Will Glaser (drums)—the same line-up that played Simpson’s Kid A rearrangements live with him at a sold-out show in London in February 2019. Later that year, Simpson also staged concerts centered on rearrangements of Radiohead’s Amnesiac and In Rainbows.

Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited will be Simpson’s first full-length release since his 2016 album Klammer, and will be out October 23 on Whirlwind Recordings. Stream “Everything in its Right Place” below:



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