Hear Nick Walters’ new album ‘Active Imagination’

    Featuring Jeff Guntren, Rebecca Nash, Nim Sadot and more.

    Nick Walters
    Image: Nick Walters official Bandcamp

    British trumpeter Nick Walters has unveiled his new album, Active Imagination.

    The new record spans 40-minutes across five new tracks. It also features six guest musicians, including tenor saxophonist Jeff Guntren, pianist Rebecca Nash and bassist Nim Sadot. Walters previously previewed the album with “Dansoman Last Stop.”

    “On some of the tracks, the rhythmic styles were an early stage of conceiving the composition—on others, it was more of organic process to see what the musicians were feeling,” Walters told Twisted Soul Music. “All the tracks are flavored by the predominant harmonic modes used”.

    Active Imagination, which was released last Friday, is the jazz musician’s second release on UK-based label 22a. He first made his debut on the imprint in 2019 with Awakening, featuring The Paradox Ensemble.

    Stream Active Imagination below: