Hear Maisha live on BBC Radio 3

The spiritual jazz band perform cuts from the forthcoming album, ‘There is a Place.’

Maisha will release their new album, There is a Place, next month. And to hype it up, they dropped by BBC Radio 3 to perform songs off the record.

The London spiritual jazz group, whose numbers include bandleader and drummer Jake Long, as well as saxophonist Nubya Garcia, featured alongside pianist John Beasley on the radio station’s J to Z program last weekend.

In some senses, hearing Maisha jam in a studio is one of the best ways you could listen to There is a Place, because that’s precisely how it came to life. Though the album itself was recorded over three days in mid-2018, the songs germinated over the course of Maisha’s rehearsals and live sets over the past year or two, according to the album’s official description on Bandcamp.


So why wait? Click here to listen to Maisha perform on BBC Radio 3’s J to Z (it’s free to stream for 27 more days). There is a Place is out November 9 on Brownswood Recordings.

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