Hear Jazzmeia Horn’s new tracks “Where We Are,” “Strive (to Be)”

A prelude to her as-yet-untitled third studio album.

Jazzmeia Horn has released her latest single “Where We Are,” along with the B-side “Strive (to Be).”

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Where We Are” speaks to the uncertainty of 2020 while reminding listeners of brighter days ahead. Horn’s delicate vocal delivery complements sparse but tight accompaniment from pianist Keith Brown, bassist Eric Wheeler and drummer Anwar Marshall.

“You may get weary through the night / But there is one thing I know for sure / That love carried me from where I’m from / And brought me into where we are,” sings Horn on the hopeful track.


“Strive (to Be),” on the other hand, is where Horn gives it her all, belting throughout the intro before segueing into an energetic scat-trumpet duet. “Seek your / Freedom / Your whole / Life / Don’t you / Worry / You can / Try,” she cries on the dissonant track.

Horn released the tracks in conjunction with her new book, Strive From Within: The Jazzmeia Horn Approach. The volume compiles unique insights into jazz singing which Horn gleaned from the process of recording her 2019 studio album, Love and Liberation. Per WBGO.org, she has also announced an as-yet-untitled third LP, due out later this year.

While waiting for her forthcoming album, stream “Where We Are” and “Strive (to Be)” below:


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