Hear Honey Oat’s new self-titled album

A nimble, intriguing debut.

Gabe Stout and Janak JP are Honey Oat, a New York-based duo who’ve just released their eponymous debut. The 12-track release stands at the intersection of jazz, funk and indie pop, weaving in some influences from Shona music as well.

The 30-minute record feels mostly like a summer breeze, fine-grained vocals coasting atop Stout’s nimble drumming and JP’s work on the keys, supplemented by other subtle instrumentation. The duo met when they were six-year-olds in a marimba class, which is also where they began to study the Zimbabwean tradition of Shona music (as evinced by “Lizard Brain” and “Wallpaint”). The only featured artist on the album is Maassai, who raps on “A Small Piece of String.”

Stream Honey Oat here:


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