Hear Gretchen Lieberum sing “Come Rain or Come Shine”

A new album of jazz standards is on the way.

Los Angeles singer Gretchen Lieberum has announced a new cover album of jazz standards with the release of its first single, “Come Rain or Come Shine.”

Originally written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer and released in 1946, “Come Rain or Come Shine” has been covered by a slew of iconic vocalists over the years. For Lieberum, “Come Rain or Come Shine” introduces listeners to the experimental melancholia showcased on her upcoming album This May Only Be a Dream.

Her dreamy take on the jazz classic is built from warm analogue crackle, echoing melodies and classic big band instrumentals. In keeping with the track’s yesteryear sound, Lieberum chose to pair her track with a collection of antique visuals superimposed onto the label of a spinning 12-inch record.


“‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ is a song about lasting love persevering through good times and bad, which is a message that certainly speaks to me, and I imagine many of us, these days,” Lieberum explained in a statement. “The version that inspired our iteration of it is performed by Chet Baker. He does a really haunting version accompanied by acoustic guitar.”

Lieberum’s new album was written with composer Keefus Ciancia over a number of years as they worked on other projects, such as Lieberum’s Prince cover band Princess, starring actress Maya Rudolph.

This May Only Be a Dream will arrive on May 7. Listen to “Come Rain or Come Shine”:


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