Hear Floating Points and Pharoah Sanders’ new album, ‘Promises’

The album is Sanders’ first in over a decade.

Producer Floating Points and revered saxophonist Pharoah Sanders have released their new album Promises, a collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The record ebbs and flows over nine movements of electronics, jazz and classical. Sanders takes the lead with his saxophone a number of times throughout, his bewitching brass notes backed by the swelling strings of the London Symphony Orchestra.

On Instagram, Floating Points—real name Sam Shepherd—noted that the album had been several years in the making. He dedicated Promises to the memory of Tom Relleen, the member of Tomaga and co-founder of Phonica Records who died last year from stomach cancer.


Promises follows Shepherd’s 2019 album Crush, his second full-length as Floating Points. It is also Sanders’ first studio album in almost two decades. The octogenarian rose to prominence in the ’60s playing with John Coltrane before moving on to collaborate with Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Art Davis and more recently, Joey DeFrancesco.

Listen to Promises here:

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