Hear Dezron Douglas, Brandee Younger’s new song

“The Creator Has a Master Plan” is the lead single of their new album.

Bassist Dezron Douglas and harpist Brandee Younger have announced their collaborative debut album Force Majeure. Its lead single, “The Creator Has a Master Plan,” is out now.

The three-minute-long song hears Douglas’ bold double bass and Younger’s delicate harp flirting like a pair of lovers. At times, the harp glides above the double bass’s steady accompaniment with effortless runs, while the double bass occasionally attempts to rise to the harp’s liveliness.

Force Majeure is a reflection of Douglas and Younger’s friendship: the two musicians first met during college in 2001 and bonded over a shared love of Black music and jazz.


The album collects highlights of their recent live-streamed shows that were filmed within their Harlem apartment. Each side of the vinyl pressing ends with Douglas paraphrasing the line, “Black music cannot be replicated, it can only be expressed.”

“Black music, no matter what genre, is exactly what it is—Music created by Black Musicians for the sake of vibrating on our own frequencies of understanding and empathy,” Douglas explained in a statement. “I love all music, but I also recognize that music is a cultural and regional vibration. You don’t have to be Black to play Black music, but if you are out here making money off of Black Culture and have no empathy for the People and the Culture then you are even more part of the problem.”

Force Majeure will arrive on December 4 via International Anthem. Listen to “The Creator Has a Master Plan” here:


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