Hear Dezron Douglas, Brandee Younger’s new COVID-19 duet

It’s called “Toilet Paper Romance.”

Double bassist Dezron Douglas and harpist Brandee Younger have shared a performance of a brand-new duet whose title cheekily addresses the coronavirus pandemic: “Toilet Paper Romance.”

Douglas and Younger—who are a couple—wrote the song when “toilet paper was the theme of the month,” Douglas told NPR, which released the performance via its Jazz Night in America series. “People were hoarding and getting violent and evil over toilet paper. It just fit with the mood of society.” The duo’s performance, though, skews towards tender rather than bleak.

Last year, Younger released her fourth album, Soul Awakening. Last December, Douglas released the single “Solomon Grundy.” The duo have been spending their time in lockdown together doing weekly livestreams from their home, dubbed Brunch in the Crib.


Other artists who’ve performed duets for Jazz Night in America—dubbed Alone Together Duets—include Regina Carter and Alvester Garnett, Rachel Ekroth and Tim Lefebvre and more. Find more performances here.

Watch Douglas and Younger perform “Toilet Paper Romance” below:

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