Hear Dan Rosenboom’s new album, ‘Points on an Infinite Line’

The trumpeter’s second album of 2020.

Trumpeter Dan Rosenboom has released a new album, Points on an Infinite Line.

The eight-track album comes shortly after his last full-length, Absurd in the Anthropocene, which was released in February. He’s backed by alto saxophonist Gavin Templeton, double bassist Billy Mohler and Anthony Fung on percussion.

Points on an Infinite Line was recorded in Rosenboom’s garage and released via the musician’s own label Orenda Records. The LP was largely written in a day, refined during Rosenboom’s three-night residency at Los Angeles jazz bar Sam First and then recorded in a three-hour session.


Rosenboom believes that Points on an Infinite Line, along with all artforms both old and new, can help connect people in the modern isolated climate.

“Especially during this time of isolation and social upheaval, the need for connection, recognition of our shared humanity, reflection on our cultural history, and cultivation of an equitable future resonate as our civilization’s most pressing imperatives,” Rosenboom said in a statement. “Music and art can inspire people toward these connections, and by offering the dedicated listener uplifting energy, can be a bonding, motivating, and healing force amid turmoil.”

Listen to Points on an Infinite Line below:


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