Hear Chip Wickham’s new album, ‘Blue to Red’

Intergalactic jazz.

Jazz multi-instrumentalist Chip Wickham has released his third album titled Blue to Red.

The follow-up to 2018’s Shamal Wind finds the flautist and saxophonist reinvent his sound once again. Almost a quarter of Blue to Red’s total length is found in “The Cosmos,” a suitably titled track that slowly unfurls spacey keys coated in reverb and delay across its 11-minute lifespan.

This sound is found across Blue to Red—the entire LP positions itself with an intergalactic view of the world, which Wickham elaborates in the album’s liner notes.

“When life started 4 billion years ago, Mars was also a blue planet,” it reads, “it lost its atmosphere and ever since then, there has been red and dead. […] Jazz has always had a big spiritual connection with life and our place in the cosmos, searching for answers and finding meaning above us, but now we need to stop looking up and look around before its too late and blue becomes red.”


Wickham recorded Blue to Red in a sextet featuring drummer Jon Scott, Simon Houghton on double bass and cello, harpist Amanda Whiting, percussionist Rick Weedon and Simon Houghton on keys.

Stream Wickham’s new album below:


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