Hear “Belgrade Fever” by the Dave Harrington Group

The former Darkside member’s improvisational project will deliver a new album next month.

After Darkside, his electronic project with Nicolas Jaar, ended in 2014, guitarist Dave Harrington formed the improvisational Dave Harrington Group. Yesterday, they released “Belgrade Fever,” a new song from the forthcoming album Pure Imagination, No Country.

At almost four minutes in length, “Belgrade Fever” is a succinct yet satisfying sonic jaunt. Harrington noodles bright guitar lines over an alluring canvas of percussion and synths, but doesn’t let loose entirely.

The track was born during the Dave Harrington Group’s European tour in support of their 2016 debut, Become Alive, when they would improvise heavily onstage and develop new material nightly, Harrington explained in a statement.


“‘Belgrade Fever’ started as one of those improvised pieces and quickly worked its way into the live repertoire,” he said. Halfway through the tour, they booked studio time in Belgrade, Serbia, and recorded for three days, “tracking a fleshed out ‘Belgrade Fever’ and other material that eventually made its way into Pure Imagination, No Country.”

The album is out February 1 on Yeggs Records. Stream “Belgrade Fever” below:

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