Hear an unearthed Miles Davis live album, ‘The Lost Septet’

Recorded in 1971 during the trumpeter’s rock era.

The Lost Septet, a stunning new Miles Davis live recording, has been released by Sleepy Night Records.

The album is a snapshot of Davis’ 1971 European tour with saxophonist Gary Bartz, pianist Keith Jarrett, bassist Michael Henderson and drummer Ndugu Leon Chancler. Percussionists James Mtume Foreman and Charles Don Alias were also featured in the line-up. The concert was recorded at Vienna, Austria’s Wiener Konzerthaus on November 5, 1971, and captures Davis during his rock ’n’ roll era.

Interestingly, Davis never entered the studio with this septet—the recording was only broadcasted on radio before slipping into obscurity thereafter. In a statement, Bartz recalled the band “as intense as any rock band and just as loud.”


The Lost Septet is a follow-up to The Lost Quintet, which was released in 2019. According to Sleepy Night Records, it plans to release the third live recording of Davis to complete the trilogy of rare recordings.

Last year, Davis’ long-shelved album Rubberband was finally completed and released after more than 30 years.

Listen to The Lost Septet below:


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