Hear a new Kamaal Williams EP, ‘Nights in Paris’

Released on Bandcamp with little fanfare.

Just months after releasing The Return, Kamaal Williams (aka Henry Wu) has quietly dropped a three-song EP titled Nights in Paris on Bandcamp.

It kicks off with the mellow, cheekily named “DISAINTJAZZ,” which is followed by the insanely groovy title track. The last song on Nights in Paris, “Salaam,” is a slightly different take on the similarly titled track off The Return.

The EP was recorded with mostly the same musicians who worked on the recent full-length—namely,  Wu on keys, Pete Martin on bass, and engineer Richard Samuels with the mix—except for drummer MckNasty, real name Josh McKenzie. Instead, Dexter Hercules is credited with drums on Nights in Paris.


There’s no other information on the page to shed light on whether these are leftovers from The Return sessions, loosies recorded on tour, or something else altogether. But we’re not complaining. Check out Nights in Paris below.

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