Groove to the rhythms of Mark Guiliana’s new album

‘Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music!’ is out today.

Drummer Mark Guiliana has released Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music!, a new album of jazz-meets-electronica experiments. It’s his third release with the Beat Music collective, and his eighth overall as bandleader.

The nine-track album features contributions from bassists Chris Morrissey, Stu Brooks, Jonathan Maron and Tim Lefebvre, as well as keyboardists Jason Lindner, BIGYUKI and Jeff Babko. Listen out too, for spoken-word samples from Cole Whittle and Jeff Taylor, not to mention Guiliana’s wife, the singer Gretchen Parlato, and their son Marley. Every player in the sprawling musical cast each imbued the record with their own sensibility, Guiliana noted in a statement.

“This music is mostly through-composed, but there’s microscopic improvising in every moment. In each note there are sonic choices to be made about articulation, duration of notes, where to leave space and myriad aspects like that,” he explained. “No decision I could make would be better than what these guys choose to do; they really bring the music to life.”


Stream Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music! here:

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