GoGo Penguin release their self-titled record

Hear the British instrumental trio’s follow-up to ‘A Humdrum Star.’

Manchester instrumental band GoGo Penguin have released their eponymous album, marking their sixth full-length release.

GoGo Penguin is the band’s third LP with major jazz label Blue Note Records and, given its position as their self-titled album, is considered by the band a poignant moment in their career. The trio recorded the album by digitally mapping out potential songs before reworking the compositions so as to record the music using acoustic instruments.

“Because I play the double bass, I think I always wanted to have jazz in our music,” bassist Nick Blacka explained in a statement. “But as we’ve moved through the albums, it’s been a very gradual thing for me where I’ve now finally come to accept that we really just aren’t a jazz band. This new album is the one where I thought, ‘Fuck it, there’s no point even worrying anymore!’ That has been really liberating and freeing for all of us.”


The band’s last studio album A Humdrum Star dropped back in 2018 to critical acclaim. Last year, GoGo Penguin released the EP Ocean in a Drop (Music for Film), inspired by their live performance of the soundtrack for Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 cult documentary Koyaanisqatsi.

Listen to GoGo Penguin below:

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