Fazer drop hypnotic new album, ‘Nadi’

The Munich quintet’s sophomore release is out now.

Munich jazz outfit Fazer have released their sophomore album, Nadi, which comprises eight hypnotic compositions.

Fazer is made up of bassist and producer Martin Brugger (who also makes music under the moniker Occupanther), trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr, guitarist Paul Brändle and drummers Simon Popp and Sebastian Wolfgruber.

The group sent some waves rippling with their 2018 debut album, Mara, which introduced listeners to their thoroughly collaborative style of improvisation. “The pieces have no rhythmic arrangement between the beginning and the end,” Brugger explained to Qwest TV. “We set the mood with the melody and see where it takes us, where we can go with it as a band. We always try to make sure all five of us are on the same wavelength.”


Stream Nadi here:

And watch the aquatic video for “Wasi” below:


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