Explore NYC in Freelance’s new video, for “Your Love”

From Harlem, with love.

Harlem-based collective Freelance are a band to watch, blending Afrobeat, jazz, funk and R&B into one smooth-as-silk tapestry of sounds. And they’ve even managed to condense that vitality and energy into the MV for “Your Love,” off the group’s debut album.

The video is a love letter to Freelance’s uptown neighborhood: Fast-paced shots of urban life—bodegas, rooftops, beautifully graffitied walls—intersperse with scenes set in what is presumably Central Park. It’s electric in spirit, made manifest by vocalist Smithsoneon’s velvety croons, a spidery bassline, and lush horn sounds cobbled together from Stevie Wonder’s closet.

While the clip clocks in at about four minutes, it hardly manages to cover the track’s entire seven minutes. The video fades out just as an energetic Afrobeat section kicks in, with a title card promising that a second part’s coming soon.


Check it out here:

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