Experimental jazz group Sloth Racket share “Proximity Warning”

The first taste of their new LP, ‘Dismantle Yourself.’

London quintet Sloth Racket have shared “Proximity Warning,” the first taste of their upcoming fourth album, Dismantle Yourself.

“Proximity Warning” sounds somewhat like a discombobulated garage rock jam—one with brass, that is. Overdriven guitars jerk in and out of life as they mirror the squealing horns. The track continues in this experimental vein for the entirety of its eight-minute runtime, aptly embodying the album’s title as it builds and tears down its flow of sound.

“After three albums made in single-day sessions, the aim was to have more time to work on the music in the relaxed setting of a residential studio,” bandleader and baritone saxophonist Cath Roberts wrote of Dismantle Yourself on her website. “With more time for experimentation, the focus of the recording was the exploration and development of the new material, collectively improvising the composed starting points into finished pieces.”


Sloth Racket is rounded out by alto saxophonist Sam Andreae, guitarist Anton Hunter, double bassist Seth Bennett and drummer Johnny Hunter. Dismantle Yourself will be released September 2 via Luminous Label.

Listen to “Proximity Warning” here:

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