Esperanza Spalding unveils entirety of ‘12 Little Spells’

    After dropping a song a day, the jazz artist has released the full project.

    Esperanza Spalding performing at Alfa Jazz Fest 2016 in Lviv, Ukraine
    Image: Onyx9 /

    Esperanza Spalding’s ethereal new project, 12 Little Spells, is finally out.

    The jazz bassist announced the EP and dropped the title track 12 days ago. She then proceeded to release a new song a day via videos posted to her Facebook page.

    12 Little Spells is a “non-scientific approach to how music, sound, and energy, when combined in specific ways, can have an effect on you,” Spalding told Vanity Fair. Each song was inspired by a specific part of the human anatomy: For instance, “Thang” was inspired by hips.

    “When I was writing the hips [song], I would watch people, watch how the movement in their hips changed in different circumstances,” she explained. “I was thinking, ‘What can I give to the hips?’”

    It seems 12 Little Spells is only the beginning of Spalding’s fascination with music’s connection to the body—according to Vanity Fair, she’s planning to apply to a masters program to study music therapy and how the body and brain work in tandem.

    Stream all of 12 Little Spells below:

    And watch the videos released on Spalding’s Facebook page here.