Drummer Nicolas Stocker releases “Polyrub”

From a new solo album, out next month.

Swiss jazz drummer Nicolas Stocker, who also plays with Nik Bärtsch in the group Mobile, has released a new song from his forthcoming solo debut.

At a 16-minute runtime, “Polyrub” demands patience of its listeners. Stocker slowly builds a groove over layers of percussion, and the end result is hypnotic.

Aptly titled SOLO, the new album was recorded in Berlin last year without any loops, click tracks or overdubs. It hews close to electronic and ambient music in concept, Stocker said in an accompanying album documentary, and seems almost like an exercise in pushing the boundaries of looping and percussive repetition.


“It feels like going on a research trip together with the listener, to find out how long you can keep something going without changing it,” he said.

SOLO is out on Ronin Rhythm Records next month. Stream “Polyrub” now:


And watch the documentary for a behind-the-scenes look at SOLO:

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