Doug Carn joins Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad on ‘JID005’

The latest entry in the ‘Jazz is Dead’ album series.

Doug Carn has joined Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad on JID005, the fifth entry in their Jazz is Dead album series.

The record combines Carn’s slick organ runs with the transcendental production of Younge and Muhammad, who complement Carn perfectly with funky basslines and magical keyboard voicings respectively. The album begins with the tense riffs of “Dimensions,” before moving on to an almost entirely unrecognizable rendition of the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves.” Things slow down on the sublime, syncopated “Down Deep” before swiftly picking up again on “Nunca Um Malandro” and reaching an ominous conclusion on the heavy closer “Desires.”

Each record in the Jazz is Dead compendium features a different jazz great working with Younge and Muhammad, who also tour as the Midnight Hour and host a regular Jazz is Dead live event at Younge’s Los Angeles studio. Previous collaborators include such names as Azymuth, Roy Ayers and Marcos Valle.


Stream JID005 below:

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