Don Cherry 1965 live recording ‘Cherry Jam’ gets digital release

The limited Record Store Day 2020 title is now available digitally.

Cherry Jam, a Don Cherry live recording from 1965, has gotten a digital release.

The four-track album, taken from the tape of a 1965 broadcast by Denmark’s national radio station, was reissued last year as a limited Record Store Day title. It captures the free jazz legend on the cornet backed by four Danish musicians—Mogens Bollerup (tenor saxophone), Atli Bjørn (piano), Benny Nielsen (bass) and Simon Koppel (drums)—in a one-time line-up.

The three original Cherry compositions on the tracklist (“The Ambassador From Greenland,” “Priceless” and “Nigeria”) have also never been heard again since.


Cherry Jam was recorded in 1965, the same year Cherry would release his landmark album for Blue Note, Complete Communion, and New York Eye and Ear Control, recorded with a collective led by Albert Ayler.

Stream Cherry Jam below:

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