Dive into Melbourne’s jazz scene with ‘Sunny Side Up’ compilation

Brownswood Recordings’ successor to their London-centric collection, ‘We Out Here.’

More than a year after the release of We Out Here, their acclaimed compilation of music from London’s blooming jazz scene, Brownswood Recordings have turned their gaze to Melbourne, Australia for the new album, Sunny Side Up.

Like We Out Here, Sunny Side Up features nine songs by nine different artists, including Phil Stroud, Audrey Powne, Horatio Luna and the Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange. The comp was recorded over the course of one week at The Grove, a house-turned-studio in the North Melbourne suburb of Coburg. It was also engineered and mixed by Nick Herrera, who’s worked with Hiatus Kaiyote, one of Melbourne’s foremost jazz/experimental exports. Silentjay—who contributes the song “Eternal / Internal Peace”—served as musical director.

The artists featured largely hail from two groups of Melbourne musicians: Mandarin Dreams and 30/70 Collective. Both are part of the city’s buzzing, tight-knit jazz community, which Gilles Peterson of Brownswood has compared to England’s early punk rock scene.


“You’ve got the confidence and swagger of having had international success,” he told the Guardian. “You’ve got a very high standard of playing. It’s a bit like when punk rock was coming out of the clubs in the south end of England. You had Siouxsie and the Banshees and some other people, they’re all mates and they all hang out—and then look what happens.”

Stream Sunny Side Up below:

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