Derrick Hodge releases new song, “Heartbeats”

‘Color of Noize’ is out this Friday.

Derrick Hodge has released “Heartbeats” from his upcoming album, Color of Noize.

The meditative, gently thumping “Heartbeats” follows the previous single “Not Right Now.” Both preview Color of Noize, which comes four years after Hodge’s last LP, The Second.

The new album is Hodge’s first record to feature a live band throughout. The ensemble featured drummers Mike Mitchell and Justin Tyson, keyboardists Jahari Stampley and Michael Aaberg, and turntablist DJ Jahi Sundance. Blue Note president Don Was also came on board as Hodge’s co-producer.

Hodge’s concept for the new record hinged on the fluidity of sound and a sense of collective ownership over said sound’s growth and development. “It’s an idea I feel is really relevant to our time,” he said in a press statement. “A new artistic heartbeat that’s about acceptance. It all relates to the spirit of now, not overly thinking, and moving forward.”


Color of Noize will be released this Friday via Blue Note Records. Listen to “Heartbeats” here:


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