Derrick Hodge announces new album with “Not Right Now”

The bassist’s new album ‘Color of Noize’ is out next month.

Derrick Hodge has announced his new album Color of Noize with the release of its lead single, “Not Right Now.”

The bassist’s new album, which comes four years since his previous LP The Second, explores the rich, creative intersection of jazz and hip hop. In a press release, Hodge said he sees Color of Noize as a viewpoint that captures the beauty, chaos and freedom of jazz. In order to undertake his ambitious project, he opted to record with a live band throughout and bring on his first co-producer, Blue Note Records president Don Was.

“It was powerful to see this group of young, brilliant improvisers set up in a circle at Hollywood’s historic United Studio A,” Was recalled in a statement. “It felt like a throwback to what it might have been like on the floor of a Blue Note session at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio in the mid-sixties. These were ‘old school’ sessions yielding modern music so forward-looking and visionary that there is no existing genre within which to categorize it.”

The young improvisers in question were percussionists Mike Mitchell and Justin Tyson, Jahari Stampley and Michael Aaberg on keys, DJ Jahi Sundance on turntables and Hodge leading the group as their bassist whilst contributing vocals, keys and guitar.


Color of Noize will be released on June 26 via Blue Note Records. Listen to “Not Right Now” below:


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