David Lynch drops disturbing visual for ‘Thought Gang’ songs

Ants swarm a head made out of chicken meat.

If you’re familiar with the work of David Lynch, then you know he delights in the surreal and the creepy. His new short film Ant Head, which is soundtracked by two songs from his Thought Gang album with composer Angelo Badalamenti, falls decisively into those categories.

Basically, it’s a 13-minute monochrome clip of ants swarming around a head made of chicken meat, jam, sugar and cheese, with power lines in the static background. When the first song “Frank 2000” transitions to “Woodcutters from Fiery Ships,” the image changes to a negative. But that doesn’t make it any less icky, and the anxious drums and throbbing bass lines really don’t help.

Ant Head is a recent adaptation of an experiment Lynch first conducted in the ’80s, a photograph of which ended up as the cover art of Julee Cruise’s 1993 record, The Voice of Love. “These ants just go wild,” he told Rolling Stone of the more recent project. “They went up the wire and cleaned this thing out again for four or five days.”


Watch the clip below—if you’re not squeamish, that is:

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