Dave Harrington Group’s new album is out now

You can now savor ‘Pure Imagination, No Country’ in its entirety.

Here’s an experimental record to have on your radar: Dave Harrington Group’s Pure Imagination, No Country, which dropped last Friday on Yeggs Records.

We called last month’s teaser track “Belgrade Fever” succinct yet satisfying, and that description is applicable to much of the nine-track album. There are generously meandering explorations like “Then I Woke Up” and the 11-minute “Patch One,” but most of Pure Imagination, No Country offers intriguing textures and melodies while being careful not to overstay its welcome.

Led by guitarist Dave Harrington—whom electronic music heads will remember from his time in Darkside with Nicolas Jaar—the Group also comprises vibraphonist Will Shore, synth bassist Andrew Fox, drummer Samer Ghadry and post-rock multi-instrumentalist Lars Horntveth (also of Jagga Jazzist).


Stream Pure Imagination, No Country below:

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