Dave Brubeck’s final studio album ‘Lullabies’ has arrived

Featuring originals and classic standards by the late jazz great.

Verve Records has posthumously released Lullabies, the final album recorded by renowned late American jazz pianist Dave Brubeck.

Brubeck died in 2012 of heart failure at the age of 91, a day shy of his 92nd birthday. Now, almost eight years after his passing and a decade after its original 2010 recording sessions, Lullabies has arrived. His final album contains a selection of originals, classic standards and children’s songs all stunningly rendered as solo piano pieces.

“From the beginning of time, mothers have lulled their babies to sleep—softly singing familiar melodies,” Brubeck had noted whilst recording Lullabies. “Some of the melodies on this album are like those familiar songs. Some are original pieces that I thought would appeal to babies as well as an older generation. I hope the littlest ones will respond to this music, and that parents and grandparents will enjoy it as well.”


Original compositions on Lullabies were written by Brubeck in part for his wife Iola, such as the aptly titled “Lullaby for Iola.” The LP also contains recognizable classics: “There’s No Place Like Home,” “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” “Danny Boy” and “Going to Sleep” are just a few of the tracks carefully selected by the jazz veteran.

Listen to Lullabies below:

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