Daniel Casimir, Tess Hirst release joint album, ‘These Days’

A fresh jazz collab bursting with life.

UK jazz composer Daniel Casimir and singer Tess Hirst have released These Days, their debut album as a duo.

The 12-track record was recorded at England’s Steinway Recording Studio, with guitarist Tobie Carpenter, keyboardist Robert Mitchell and drummer Olly Sarkar. The pair previewed the full-length with “Security,” which comments on “the type of security we commission as a society as well as how we protect ourselves personally.”

Casimir won the Musicians’ Company’s Young Jazz Musician Award in 2016 and capitalized on his success with 2017’s Escapee. That album was co-written with and featured vocals from Hirst, who released her debut EP Love’s Sunday in 2015.

Listen to These Days below:



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