Dan Rosenboom previews new album with “Still”

‘Absurd in the Anthropocene’ is out this month.

Los Angeles trumpeter Dan Rosenboom has released “Still,” a track from his upcoming album Absurd in the Anthropocene.

The mournful, textured six-minute track is a compelling preview of Absurd in the Anthropocene, which Rosenboom said in a statement is an album “about responding to our modern world in a way that is reflectively critical yet frenetically joyous.”

He added, “Maelstrom and cognitive dissonance are everywhere, online and on the news. People cherry-pick what they want to believe and discount factual data. Inequity is rampant. In the face of such overwhelming chaos, turning toward our inner humanity is a powerful move. I want to take all that emotional fuel, and turn it into something creative, spontaneous, and beautiful.”

Absurd in the Anthropocene arrives January 31 via Gearbox Records. Stream “Still” here:



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