Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble share new song “Now”

The title track of the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Where Future Unfolds.’

Damon Locks and the Black Monument Ensemble have announced their new album, NOW, with the title track “Now (Forever Momentary Space).”

The immersive new song was inspired by writer Cadwell Turnbull’s short story “Jump,” which tells the tale of a couple that are driven apart by an obsession to repeat a seemingly impossible moment.

“It ultimately is an investigation in acceptance and imagining what is possible and taking a leap towards it,” Locks said of the story. “‘Now (Forever Momentary Space)’ is about the moment outside of the timeline where everything is possible. That moment is Now.”


Locks and the Black Monument Ensemble—a multi-generational collective with a flexible line-up of musicians, singers and dancers—recorded the album towards the end of summer 2020 in the garden behind Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio. They recorded the music in only a few takes, some of which captured the Ensemble’s members first times playing or singing the songs.

“It was about offering a new thought,” Locks said of the recording experience. “It was about resisting the darkness. It was about expressing possibility. It was about asking the question, ‘Since the future has unfolded and taken a new and dangerous shape… what happens NOW​?’”

NOW, the follow-up to the 2019 album Where Future Unfolds, will be digitally released on April 9 via International Anthem. A physical release will follow on July 9.


Listen to “Now (Forever Momentary Space)” below:

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