Damon Locks, Black Monument Ensemble share “Keep Your Mind Free”

The group’s debut album is set to drop next week.

Chicago’s Damon Locks and Black Monument Ensemble have shared “Keep Your Mind Free,” the latest single from their upcoming debut album NOW.

The new single is the collective’s second from the album, following “Now (Forever Momentary Space).” “Keep Your Mind Free” is a complex layering of synths, hypnotic choral chants and infectious rhythm, with Ben LaMar Gay’s trumpet solo as the cherry on top.

The title of the single came from an image Locks created for an action in support of decarceration. “The phrase was a message of encouragement to those locked up having to deal with the virus in a place where they cannot socially distance nor do most of the things the rest of us can do to avoid infection,” he explained in a statement.


“As the pandemic raged on and the intensity of fear and isolation set in, it made sense to extend this same sentiment out to EVERYONE through song. It’s true that we all need illumination in dark days. In a time that hurts the heart and body, in a time that sequesters us from our loved ones, in a time where safety is not a given, in a locked-down world, to be liberated from restraint we have to keep our minds free.”

NOW will be released on April 9 via International Anthem. Listen to “Keep Your Mind Free” here:

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