Count Basie Orchestra revisit the past on “Sent for You Yesterday”

The new single will appear on the ensemble’s upcoming album, ‘All About that Basie.’

Count Basie Orchestra have thrown together a rework of “Sent for You Yesterday,” which will appear on the big band’s upcoming record, All About that Basie.

The track, directed by Scotty Barnhart, revisits the 1938 12-bar blues staple, one of Basie’s lesser-known compositions. The great Jimmy Rushing, who appears on the original, may no longer be around, but another Jimmy—last name Davis—confidently fills in with his throaty baritone.

He’s an alum of the Orchestra, too, and gives his predecessors a shout out: “Well you came home to Joe [Williams], you came home to Jimmy [Rushing], now it’s time you come home to me.”


Besides Davis, the track features a smaller subset of the Orchestra, with Barnhart on trumpet, Rickey Woodard on sax, Eric Reed on piano, Trevor Ware on bass and Gregg Field on drums.

All About that Basie drops on September 14, so check out “Sent for You Yesterday” in the meantime:

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