Cornetist Ron Miles releases new album, ‘Rainbow Sign’

Marking his debut on Blue Note Records.

Denver-based artist Ron Miles has released Rainbow Sign, his new album that marks his debut on Blue Note Records.

The nine-track LP, previewed by the songs “Queen of the South” and “The Rumor,” comes three years after Miles’ last record, I am a Man. The new record was mostly written during the months Miles spent caring for his late father as his health declined, and is in several places influenced by the Bible and the Christian faith.

In a statement, Miles recalled his father’s influence on his life and how their relationship remained strong till the end. “I didn’t know how to drive until I was 30, so when I would come back from a tour, my dad would always come pick me up,” the cornetist said. “Then, near the end of his life, he had a job as a janitor. I would help him out from time to time. It was one of the best times of my life. We’d ride in the carts and we’d clean up this office building for a few hours, just me and my dad.”


The resulting compositions on Rainbow Sign are thoughtful, emotional journeys fleshed out by Miles’ quintet consisting of pianist Jason Moran, guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Brian Blade. Listen to it below:

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