Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah shares live album, ‘Axiom’

Recorded at Blue Note in New York City in the turbulent month of March.

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has released his third live album, Axiom, that was recorded at Blue Note in New York City this past March.

A statement released with the 12-track album notes that Scott and his band played the hallowed venue over five days in March “as the world was becoming aware of the full implications of the global pandemic… They pressed on, understanding that there was risk but determined to bring positive energy to the people. Little did they (or we) know that this would be the last show for some time.”

As it turns out, Scott’s show was the venue’s last before it shut its doors in the face of the pandemic. The statement adds, “Capturing this moment was already precious, and now it is even more so—humans in direct proximity walking the delicate line between listening and being heard, expressing themselves without casting a shadow on others. While this will not be the last show, for now it is a wonderful reminder of the vibrant energy we all can share.”

The multi-instrumentalist is backed by Elena Pinderhughes (flute), Alex Han (alto saxophone), Lawrence Fields (piano and keys), Kris Funn (bass), Weedie Braimah (percussion) and Corey Fonville (drums and sampler) on Axiom.


Blue Note will be streaming Scott and his band’s final set at the club before it closed to ride out the pandemic over September 4 and 5. Get your tickets here.

Get two bonus tracks by purchasing Axiom on Bandcamp here, or stream it below:


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