Chicago Soul Jazz Collective release new album

‘It Takes a Spark to Start a Fire’ features Nicholas Payton and Raul Midon.

Chicago Soul Jazz Collective have shared their sophomore album, It Takes a Spark to Start a Fire.

The seven-track record springs into life with “Detroit Will Rise Again,” a sleepy love letter to Motor City. Then, the album shifts gears with the big band-inspired composition “Down and Out in Buffalo” and “Her Eyes are Blue and Sometimes Gray,” featuring trumpeter Nicholas Payton. Vocalist Raul Midón sings over the jaunty “Where Do You Go When You Dream?” while the band settles into a soft groove on album closer “Nora Calls From the Moon.”

“I would describe It Takes a Spark to Start a Fire as the next logical progression in the development of this ensemble,” Chicago Soul Jazz Collective co-founder John Fournier wrote on the band’s website. “It’s our first effort to capture the sound we’ve created together, performing live. On stage, the band takes a lot of chances. We improvise quite freely. Out of these improvisations and live performances, our sound took shape. With that in mind, I wrote seven compositions to capture the energy that happens organically, in performance.”


The group’s debut LP Soulophone dropped in 2018. Listen to their follow-up below:

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