Carmen Lundy honors her influences on ‘Modern Ancestors’

The singer’s 15th studio album.

Last Friday, jazz singer Carmen Lundy released her 15th studio album, Modern Ancestors, on her own label Afrasia Productions.

Lundy wrote and arranged all ten tracks on the record, which pays homage to her influences and other musical pioneers from the black diaspora. In a statement, she explained the album’s poignantly contradictory title: “I have always felt that the jazz singer by definition is associated with standards from the past century, our Ancestors. The idea of Modern is simply to give the music I write and sing the chance to be seen and heard in the now—authentic 21st century jazz.”

On Modern Ancestors, Lundy was backed by a band comprising Julius Rodriguez (piano), her brother Curtis Lundy (acoustic upright bass), Kenny Davis (electric and acoustic bass), Mayra Casales (percussion), Terreon Gully and Kassa Overall (drums) and Andrew Renfroe (guitar).


Stream Lundy’s new album below:

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