“Buckle Up” for Nubiyan Twist’s new song with Soweto Kinch

From their upcoming album ‘Freedom Fables.’

Nubiyan Twist have released the groovy new song “Buckle Up,” featuring Soweto Kinch, taken from their upcoming album Freedom Fables.

For the new single, the Leeds/London collective recruited saxophonist Soweto Kinch for a sizzling solo, and pushed their own vocalist Nick Richards to the forefront to sing about breaking out of an unfulfilling cycle.

Alongside previous singles “24-7” and “Tittle Tattle,” “Buckle Up” will appear on Nubiyan Twist’s new album Freedom Fables, which is the follow-up to their 2019 LP Jungle Run. “The record references a lot of music that we all loved during our formative years,” guitarist and producer Tom Excell said in a statement. “You can hear touches of broken beat, blunted hip hop, highlife, Latin, jazz and UK soul running through the tracks.”


Nubiyan Twist will release their new album on February 5. Watch video artist Hector K-B’s colorful plasticine stop-motion clip for “Buckle Up” here:

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