Brownswood releases second ‘Indaba is’ single, “Umdali”

Its compilation spotlighting South African jazz is out this month.

Brownswood Recordings is ramping up to the release of its compilation LP, Indaba is, with new single “Umdali” featuring Sibusile Xaba, Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi and AshK.

Following the lead single “Ke Nako” by Bokani Dyer, “Umdali” shifts gears to provide broad strokes of indie-folk with warm acoustic guitar and intricate layers of sound.
“It comes back to the title of the album,” co-creative director Siya Mthembu said of “Umdali” in a statement. “[The song] is also about bringing a sense of indigenous knowledge to what we do and raising a salute to those who are the custodians of that knowledge.”

The Indaba is project was conceived by Brownswood to spotlight South African jazz-. The record will focus on the concepts of identity, spirit and lineage, documenting how migration has underpinned the cultural evolution of the nation’s music.


The London label tapped Thandi Ntuli and Siyabonga Mthembu to curate the music, and they in turn recruited Lwanda Gogwana, The Wretched, The Brother Moves On, iPhupho and The Ancestors to appear on the LP.

Indaba is will arrive on January 29. Listen to “Umdali” here:

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